Generations Magazine- But, I Have Never Been to Vegas!- Image 01In Hawaii, that’s considered heresy. Some call Vegas the 9th island. I’m not a gambler. I’m not much for crowds and bright lights. Mrs. Matthews says we need to go there for “the shows.”

The fact, she entertains me every day. Why would I want anything else? Okay, okay — I know there are some fantastic shows there. And it was home for the “Rat Pack” for many years, Dean, Frank, and Sammy … what’s not to like?

I should go to Las Vegas just so I can join in the party chatter, which usually starts “I lost everything when I drew to an inside straight.”

The ideal Vegas vacation would be to have room service, crab legs and prime rib served by Cher. She would sing a couple of songs and then Wayne Newton would come in to pick up the plates. Couple songs from him and we head to the in-room sauna. Relaxing night and then 18 holes on one of the fine golf courses in the desert. Then — fly back to paradise.

I understand the attraction of Las Vegas for our Hawaii residents. You can fly there, stay in a hotel and eat three meals a day almost cheaper than you can live here in your own home. And we don’t have gambling here, right? Right.

An old friend says, his 401[k] plan is to take whatever he’s got in the bank, go to Vegas and spin the roulette wheel — betting everything on black. Double or nothing, baby! Where’s my suitcase?


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