Breeze Through the Airport with TSA Cares

Back view of an airport male employee transporting a disabled female traveler to a plane

Going through security at the airport is stressful. The lines are long. People around you are losing their minds. Airport air conditioning is way too cold, and when you finally get to the security scanner, TSA officials are shouting confusing directions: “Take your shoes off!” “Pour out that water!”

But this unavoidable airport experience shouldn’t stop you from traveling. A program called “TSA Cares” is available to anyone who needs assistance, free of charge.

TSA Cares isn’t picky about what qualifies you for assistance. Here are some example qualifiers:

• Difficulty standing or waiting in line
• Difficulty understanding instructions
• Mobility limitations
• Use of mobility aids or support devices
• Internal/external devices that should
not go through the metal detector
• Traveling with medically necessary
liquids over the standard 3.4 oz.

A passenger support specialist will meet you before security and guide you through.

To use this program, you or a loved one can call 855-787-2227 up to 72 hours before a flight, or go to request assistance. TSA Cares will take care of the rest.

Requesting this assistance is a great way to prevent airport stress and ensure you get off island.

748 Olokele Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816
808-800-4089 |


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