Hi, I’m Wilson, the art director of Generations Magazine. I usually work behind the scene, but was asked to tell you a little about myself. So, here goes…

I began noticing art at an early age — even from my mother’s womb. I distinctly remember seeing a kaleidoscope of colors before I was even born!

When I emerged into this existence, realization of my attraction to visual arts was instantaneous. Now, I can’t say whether I immediately picked up a crayon and started a masterpiece. My mother thought so — but they always think that. I do remember liking to scribble and doodle.

My career in visual arts began to emerge in college. I had to choose a profession to study, so I tried to stay in the creative arts lane. I first thought of being an architect because it was close to being a doctor or lawyer — something to appease my parents. But that just didn’t do it for me. I knew I needed to express myself. So, the arts was just a natural pick.

Though I realized that there were two lanes in this field: 1) commercial art and 2) fine arts. I was intrigued by the first option, which would provide a living wage instead of the “starving artist” lifestyle. My parents were happy.

But, I still yearn to express myself in other ways. And I hope to still do that. Life, to me, is not just staying in one lane or direction. It shouldn’t matter when, downshifting or revving up — that you’re able to change lanes or entirely take a detour into something totally different.