Mention posture and everyone sits or stands straighter. But are you truly aligned? Most people have some type of asymmetry and don’t even know it. It’s impossible to correct an imbalance you aren’t aware of.

Properly aligned spine and joints, and functionally balanced muscles allow your body to move with optimum efficiency and minimize the risk of injury or permanent structural damage. Achieving this state requires self-awareness.

How do you find your neutral? Start by standing in front of a mirror. Check if your shoulders are the same height. Are your thumbs pointing towards the mirror or do you see the backs of your hands? Is one hip higher than the other? Are your knees and ankles straight, or caving in or bowing out? Are you leaning forward or backward? Do
you lock your knees?

Close your eyes, move around and realign yourself. Open your eyes. If you’re still crooked, keep trying with your eyes shut until you have achieved proper alignment.

Awareness is just the first step; next is exercise — stretching tight muscles and strengthening postural muscles to keep you aligned. Repetition is the key to developing habits that lead to improved balance, function and health.

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