Although improved fitness plays a significant role in improving overall health and reducing your risk for disease, Medicare usually does not cover exercise classes or the services of a personal trainer. However, when medically necessary, Medicare Part B may cover occupational and physical therapy, which could include some exercise and fitness training. This coverage only applies if your physician specifically prescribes the therapy.

Medicare Part B helps pay for physical and occupational therapy deemed medically necessary by your doctor. He or she must prescribe and regularly review the therapy, which must be provided by a Medicare-certified therapist on an outpatient basis. There may be limits or a cap on the total amount of therapy services you can receive without additional approval from Medicare.

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans (also known as Medicare Part C) must offer at least the same coverage as Original Medicare. They may also offer extra benefits, including exercise program coverage. MA plans are not required to offer that benefit, so first research plans at or call the Hawaii SHIP Program on 1-888-875-9229.

Most important is to work with your partner physician to improve your physical lifestyle and get ready for that big race!

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