Generations Magazine - Bedroom & Bathroom Safety - Image 01Two of the rooms you spend the most time in — the bedroom and the bathroom — are also the most important rooms to look at if you’re considering renovations to your home.

For seniors, one of the most dangerous rooms in a home is the bathroom. Investing in enhancements here can pay huge dividends in significantly reducing the risk of accidents and injuries later. Even what can seem like simple changes, such as creating even, single-level entry into the bathroom or installing grab bars, which offers a dual function as a light, can reduce that risk for family members of all ages.

One change that homeowners don’t often think of, is moving the bathroom faucet volume control from its typical location at the back of the sink to the front of the sink, or even installing touch-censored faucets. This can be a little more work, but allows the faucets to be more easily accessed — from both a wheel chair as well as young keiki. Installing a lighted mirror with pivots can also be an added convenience.

In the bedroom, don’t let the dangers of trip and falls keep you up at night. Installing low energy lighting along the floor and bed frame is not only quick and easy, but keeps the floor and your path visible in the dark. The best part, you’ll sleep more soundly knowing you’ve done everything you can to keep every member of your family safe.

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