Charming sad old woman is sitting on sofaGrief is a natural response to a loss, change, transition, or death. Grief affects everyone uniquely. It could be emotionally, mentally, physically, intellectually, and/or spiritually. As the 2023 holidays approach, take time to self-care with positive activities. Examples are reading uplifting stories and poems, journaling, stretching, meditating, connecting with people, appreciating nature walks, etc. Find your source of strength and peace each day. Be prepared for the upcoming holidays.

Daily Self–Care for December and New Year’s Day

Breathe deeply. Be open. Believe good things will happen.
Evoke encouraging words. Evolve as you take the first steps forward.
Prepare for the holidays by planning what you are willing to do. Be patient with yourself.
Preview and reflect on life’s lessons.
Energize through exercise. Every effort counts.
Pause. Peace comes from within.
Attitude matters. Aspire to inspire.
Remember to count your blessings.
Eat nutritiously. Embrace a healthy lifestyle.
Dedicate time to be kind to yourself daily.
Free yourself from negative thoughts. Forgive.
Options and opportunities are all around us.
Random acts of kindness uplift your spirit.
Take care and rest. Take some time off.
Humor helps. Smile, even if you don’t want to.
Engage in inspirational self-care activities. Embrace the ones you enjoy doing.
Understand moments can be tough. Use the time to hold your heart.
Promote wellness. Pamper yourself.
Choose to be calm and courageous. Celebrate the small steps.
Observe. Optimism opens new doors.
Take time for yourself. Move with music.
integrate new experiences. Invite change.
Navigate your path. Notice nature’s beauty.
Grieve, yet greet today with gratefulness.
Hope for the best. Have a blessed day.
Open your heart to new beginnings.
Laughter is good for you. Let it go.
Invite positive thoughts.
Develop new traditions & rituals. Dance daily!
Allow ALOHA in your life. Acknowledge both the pain and joy in the grief journey.
You are important. Yes, you will be fine.
Seek strength from within. Speak with sincere gratitude in the NEW YEAR.

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