Battlefield Acupuncture for Pain

Some of our best inventions come out of the military: the walkie-talkie (1930s), duct tape (1942) and “Battlefield Acupuncture” (2001).

Chronic pain is a serious problem for many of us, including combat veterans and soldiers. Unfortunately, pain medications, including opioids, often have limited efficacy and may impose adverse effects.

Acupuncture is known to provide immediate relief for acute and chronic pain without the risk of addiction. Dr. Richard Niemtzow, MD, has finetuned this idea by developing Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA), an acupuncture protocol in which needles are placed in the ear.

There are five points in this protocol: 1) Cingulate Gyrus, 2) Thalamus, 3) Omega 2, 4) Shen Men and 5) Point Zero. These points influence how the central nervous system processes pain. It has been suggested that they elicit short-term analgesia or anti- inflammatory cytokines for long-term effects. BFA has been proven effective for immediate pain reduction.

Little gold semi-permanent needles are left to fall out on their own in a few days. But conventional acupuncture needles can work, too. This protocol is a quick and effective way of managing pain.

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