As hearing loss progresses, it often becomes more difficult to understand what is being said over the telephone. While texting on a mobile phone is one solution, the loss of manual dexterity as we age can make that very frustrating. It’s disheartening not to be able to communicate easily with loved ones and friends.This challenge has led to the development of technology that brings together captioning and a telephone. This has become known as the “captioned telephone.”

A captioned telephone enables a conversation to be conducted using a built-in screen to display the written words as they are spoken. It can restore your confidence in communicating over the phone, so you can connect with the people you care about, just like you used to. The equipment is simple to use and is available for free in the State of Hawai‘i if the applicant meets certain eligibility requirements.

If you have a friend or loved one who has hearing loss and has difficulty understanding on the telephone, encourage them to check out this innovative solution and help them reconnect!


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