Yes. Adult Foster Care, also known as the Community Care Foster Family Home (CCFFH), is a program that offers an alternative long-term care option to individuals who are unable to live independently and in need of medical care. This program was created to prevent the institutionalization of older adults and promote quality of life. It’s not only less expensive, but allows aged and disabled persons to reside in homes throughout our community instead of institutional facilities such as nursing homes. The foster home setting provides a home-like environment, where residents receive personalized care and closer relationships with their caregivers.

Each home and its caregivers are licensed under the State of Hawai‘i’s Department of Human Services. Whereby, each home is required to work with a licensed case management agency that provides care coordination, support and ongoing monitoring of the resident and home. A case manager (licensed RN or social worker) provides face-to-face visits with each resident once a month. Interaction between the resident, caregivers and case manager ensures the overall health and well-being of the resident being cared. The CCFFH Program accepts individuals who meet the medical criteria and those covered under Medicaid or that’s privately paying. To find out if you or your loved one is eligible, please see for more information on the CCFFH Program and for a list of licensed case management agencies.


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