Acupressure Weight Loss Program

For Appetite Balancing, Eating Disorders, Food Cravings and Relieving Constipation

Accupressure Weight Loss - Generations Magazine - February - March 2012The Acupressure Weight Loss and body image program provides an easy daily routine to balance your metabolism, appetite, and body’s energy system. Dieting alone is not enough. By actually working on your body - through gentle stretches, deep breathing, and self-massage on the acupressure points - you can transform your metabolism, eating imbalances, and cravings.

How does it Work? I produced the Acupressure Weight Loss Audio Program that guides you to gently stretch and move your body, which stimulates acupressure weight loss points. The program consists of 12 weight loss techniques, which activate the most important parts of your body for balancing your appetite, digestion, and elimination. This weight loss and body image program offers an effective approach to losing weight using three natural modalities:

  • Deep Breathing Exercises relax and calm you, gathering healing energy for reducing stress and improving your digestion.
  • Movement Stretches stimulate circulation in your abdominal area, regulating your appetite.
  • Self-Acupressure on key digestive points, increase your body’s awareness, decrease your food cravings, and balance your appetite through self-massage.

Acupressure Weight Loss Points: One of these twelve techniques, for instance, presses an acupressure point in your lower abdomen, three finger widths below your belly button, to increase the strength and function of your intestines. This point (CV 6) alone can enable you to lose weight by stimulating your body’s energy to eliminate properly. This routine includes massaging key ear points for eating disorders.

By practicing this routine twice daily, you’ll have less stress, better appetite balance, and a greater sense of wellness.

Weight Loss Ear Points are illustrated in this e-audio program. Dieting alone is not enough as an effective weight-loss program. Focusing on a specific diet with less calories and more fiber is excellent for temporarily losing weight, but does not get at the causes of food addictions, obsessions, yearnings and carvings. People can lose weight on low-calorie diets, but they tend to gain it back.

The Role of Stress: Being under stress worsens eating disorders. This audio program reduces stress and is easy to practice. In less than a half-hour, practicing once or twice a day, these twelve weight loss techniques can transform your metabolism, appetite, and change your eating disorders.

How Acupressure Weight Loss Works: The postures, movements, and stretches in this program activate specific acupressure points to release the flow of healing energy through the Stomach and Spleen Meridians. This energy flow balances your appetite, digestive system, and compulsive urges to eat.

Acupressure Therapy is also effective for healing your body’s self-image and restoring trust in its awareness. The nature of giving yourself acupressure enables you to be more in touch with your body, and the messages it’s sending you. Acupressure points release tension, stress, and energy blockages, which cultivates greater awareness and a profound, natural wisdom for developing a natural intuition about when and what to eat.

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