I hold dear the life lessons my Lolo (grandpa) and Lola (grandma) taught me.

I hold dear the life lessons my Lolo (grandpa) and Lola (grandma) taught me.

There are many reasons why working with seniors became my passion. One was to prepare myself to care for my loved ones as they age. We will all eventually encounter the challenges of caregiving. What better way to prepare than by choosing gerontology as a career?

To keep continuously employed, I embraced working with members of an aging society. My parents’ generation — the baby boomers — will account for an estimated 61 million by 2030, so there will always be those who need care.

However, the main reason I chose gerontology as my college degree was because of the love I have for my grandparents. Although I learned a lot about them through their letters, pictures and phone calls from the Philippines, I’ll never forget meeting Leonardo and Eriberta in person for the first time when they finally moved to America.

Every day, I hold dear the life lessons they taught me. The unconditional love they showed me sparked my desire to choose a career to care for other members of this older and wiser generation. I honor my grandparents today by continuing to learn, and by putting what they taught me about love and kindness into practice by providing superior care to seniors, enabling them to maintain a comfortable lifestyle with dignity.

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