Hero: “a person of distinguished courage or ability, who has performed a heroic act, and is regarded as a model or ideal.”

I think every longtime Medicare beneficiary fits this definition. Some deal with their own chronic illness, pain and health threats while they care for a sickly loved one. One couple had been on Medicare for more than a decade. A recent stroke paralyzed the husband’s left shoulder, arm and hand, making it difficult to care for his bedridden wife. This setback did not dim his healthy glow and sparkling eyes. Despite these health challenges, the couple invited me into their lovely home to review their Medicare plan options. They had done their homework and understood all the plans they might choose. They asked all the right questions to determine which plan would work best, and they chose wisely. The walls of their home were filled with family pictures and amateur sports trophies awarded in the 60s — evidence of a rewarding life that pales when compared to their heroic efforts to make the best of their lives in 2016. Their home is bright and cheery, even with dozens of medical supplies filling the tables and countertops. Still, I was offered a refreshing iced tea and a tasty frozen ice cream cone as we talked story for more than an hour.

The lesson for Baby Boomers is to stay healthy and mobile as long as you can, but wisely choose your Medicare health plan — be the champion of your health and plan to be a hero for those that you love.


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