Change continues at each phase of life and is not always easy. That is why changes like retirement, new living arrangements, health diagnoses, and the loss of close friends or a spouse can leave kūpuna feeling vulnerable and insecure. Whether you are in a season of change or helping an older loved one navigate new circumstances, there are practical steps you can take to make change a positive process.

Reinforce with love. We all want our kūpuna to be safe and sound. Support and empathize with them by reassuring them that current changes are being made to benefit their wellbeing — not to take away their independence.

Have a plan. Adequate planning and a specific timeline give your kūpuna the opportunity to adapt to these changes at a comfortable pace. A sensible plan facilitates a much smoother transition.

Communication is key. Involve your kūpuna in the conversation. Explain your concerns and let them to do the same. Giving your kūpuna a platform for expressing themselves will help build a stronger foundation in order to address the need for change. Change is tough and emotions may run high. But leading with love, having a plan and being communicative will help facilitate this process.