Staying steady in your golden years may be simpler than you think. It’s not about speed or agility, but the art of balance. Just 10 seconds a day can transform your confidence in your own footing — and prevent potentially disastrous falls.

One simple daily exercise can make the difference: standing and balancing on one foot.

Before you begin, acknowledge your own physical abilities. This is true for anything you do. Your reflexes may not be as quick as they once were.

Next, find a level, flat area: a built floor or ground outdoors. For safety’s sake, have a stable surface like a counter or railing next to you in case your loose your  balance. You may even use a chair. Do not use anything with wheels as they may potentially roll away.

With or without assistance, raise one leg; take 2–3 breaths and balance for up to 10 seconds (don’t be concerned with form, nor how high you’ve raised your leg); change leg and repeat. One set is good. Or you may do it intermittently through the day. You can build on it. Practice makes permanent.

Do not do this exercise after taking medication that could compromise your sense of balance. Carefully consider your own abilities. Be safe; be mindful; listen to your body.

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