Auricular medicine is a highly developed, independent system of medicine recently rediscovered and revived as a major modality in the Chinese healthcare system. Thousands of years ago, it was discovered that the ears themselves contain nerve and acupuncture points corresponding to many areas and regions of the body. By stimulating these points, positive changes in the corresponding area can be created.

In China over the past 2,000 years, the ears have been used to treat and diagnose diseases. However, the art of auricular medicine goes far beyond improving one’s health. The ears — when examined closely by a trained practitioner — can yield tremendous insights into the nature of a person’s body and constitutional type.

This, in turn, gives the practitioner insights into the potential conditions, patterns and dysfunctions in the client’s body before symptoms may manifest. Over 400 points in the ear correlate to almost every system and functional process in the body. Treatment with auricular medicine is simple and painless. It can be used to assist with almost any chronic condition as a helpful adjunct therapy to any other modality.

As an expanding body of knowledge, auricular medicine uses modern medical technologies, such as micro current, magnetic fields and electrical detection. This builds upon the ancient foundational knowledge and advances the understanding of how body systems work in an integrated, holistic way to promote better health.


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