It’s called the “Longevity Revolution” as our world’s population is getting older. We all know that we are living longer these days; however, when you think about the history of humanity, we have never lived this long at any time in the past. In the United States, we have more people over the age of 65 than the whole population of Canada. Its unprecedented, daunting and challenging — all at the same time.

Researchers who have been studying this aging phenomenon tell us that we have someone on this Earth right now who will live to 120 and probably even longer. The fastest growing numbers of the aging are the 80-plus age group — that’s not even counting the baby boomers just yet. We are simply living longer than ever before and living to 100 will be our new norm. According to Aging Guru Dr. Ken Dychtwald, “We’re not only living longer, we are staying older longer than ever before.”

Hawai‘i is the healthiest state with the longest life expectancy (average around 81 to 82). Going forward in the next 10 to 20 years, we will push these statistics even higher to nearly 90 years of age. And that’s if you think you are average. What’s next for our kūpuna in Hawai‘i?

Baby boomers are leading the way in changing aging in this world as we see it. Boomers are the ones who will challenge ageism, bring more into our world with the use of technology, improving and demanding better caregiving services, fighting elder abuse and creating the new normal of our aging process, redefining what “old” means.

Lastly, most people in our country and Hawai‘i think Medicare will pay for long-term care services and the cost of dealing with Alzheimer’s care. The fact is Medicare won’t cover those services.

We at Generations Magazine, GM Radio/TV shows, our social media platforms, and including all our workshops, promote active aging and the need to start planning your long-term care needs going forward — from this day onward.