stairliftDo you know someone who has fallen and experienced detrimental effects on their physical health, confidence and emotional state? A “stairlift” is a viable solution for those who want to stay in their homes and it provides peace of mind for the family.

Wearing the correct foot wear does not in itself prevent a fall. Additional key “steps” help reduce the risk of falling:

• Try to keep as active as possible in order to maintain muscle strength and aid balance.
• Wear correct, supportive foot wear. Womenshould avoid wedge heels (get more advice from a specialist).
• Get your eyesight checked.
• Get your medication checked by your doctor or pharmacist, particularly when a new medication is added.
• Ensure that your home has adequate lighting, especially from the bedroom to the bathroom. Many falls occur first thing in the morning while rushing to the toilet.
• Consider modifications to the home, such as hand rails, bath grab rails or a stairlift.
• Ensure your seating is at a correct height to enable you to stand without too much effort.


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