Spring Cleaning for Your Wallet

It’s time to begin your spring cleaning! This year, don’t forget to include your wallet, the home of your critical medical and insurance cards.

Do you know which cards you should carry or dispose of?

If you are retired, you can begin by disposing of your work insurance card. Your coverage ended when you retired.

Also, that Original Medicare card that displays your social security number is obsolete. Call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 if you need a replacement Medicare card.

If you recently qualified for Medicare or changed plans, put your new member identification card in your wallet or swap it for the old one.

Providing the proper insurance card saves time, money and makes accessing healthcare services easier.

Healthcare providers count on you to provide them with your current insurance card so you can receive healthcare and the provider can file a claim for their services.

Having the correct card enables quicker processing and helps avoid billing errors, and treatment scheduling delays.

Take a moment to get more organized and clean out your wallet today.

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