Welcome to CREATIVE new ways of working throughout our ever-lengthening lifetimes.

Let go of the past. You are both the author and central character of your Third Act. Let your imagination wander as you read about new ways people over 50, 60, 70 and beyond are having fun, making money and devoting their creativity and energy to all the areas of their jam-packed lives.

Cruise line opportunities  All types of workers fill short-term, fun positions that allow them to contribute their knowledge on board. Google “cruise line opportunities” and you will be surprised by the available options. Don’t Google? Ask your keiki or grandchildren to teach you.

Ensemble collaborators  The single voice is a song. The collective voice is the Hallelujah Chorus. It is in “teaming” where fun and profit meet. Often labeled as “shared sourcing,” services are provided through the unique efforts of individual contributors from a co-committed group.

In one local group, team collaborators help people optimize future health, well-being and financial security. Team members enjoy their work and refer opportunities to one another. The result? They are busy, productive and socially connected.

Interim professionals  Interim professionals are the leaders of change during various periods of organizations’ life cycles. Increasingly, interims are hired during rapid expansion and not for their ability to handle past crises. Most are subject-matter experts whose knowledge is critical to effect desired results in this fast-evolving world of ours.

Get-paid networks  Get paid for taking part in research studies, opinion surveys, clinical research, focus groups, passing out free samples in grocery stores… even standing in line for others. Google various areas of interest such as “Get paid to write” or “Get paid to…” (fill in the blank).

Internet opportunities  Examples of internet based opportunities include affiliate marketing, where you get paid a commission for generating clicks on another company’s website from your own. You could sell your own stuff online, or help local businesses draw customers into their store or restaurant. The internet provides the perfect opportunity to start a side business that can be operated by working a few hours a week.

Go ahead — explore!

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