Seeing and Feeling is Believing

In my previous articles in Generations Magazine, I’ve had the chance to share the wonder, power and fact that “the right kind of water” is key to maintaining an optimum health profile. Here is a review of the past articles, which can be found in articles published on this website.

February 2016
“Water Does Matter”

Not all waters are created equal. Ionized water is best for the body, according to this article that addresses common misconceptions about water.

April 2016
“Why Drink More Water?”

I discuss the importance of drinking enough water daily, how the body loses water, how much water is lost on a daily basis and the devastating and life-altering effects of dehydration.

June 2016
“Inflammation and Aging: Fluid Problems”

This article identifies the relationship between aging chronic diseases and inflammation, which is the root cause of “old age” aches and pains, fatigue and aging skin. Dr. Hiromi Shinya, the father of modern colonoscopy and a world-renowned author and gastrointestinal specialist, recommends drinking a special, ionized alkaline water.

August 2016
“Doctors Say So”

I quoted and took excerpts from articles featuring five medical professionals, including doctors, patent holders, researchers and authors. All stress the importance
of drinking ionized alkaline water.

October 2016
“What I Learned From
Dr. McCauley”

This article features Dr. Bob McCauley, a naturopathic doctor, master herbalist and certified nutritional consultant, and his views on ionized alkaline water.

December 2016
“You Are What You Drink”

The high level of interest I received from a past article “Doctors Say So” led me to write another piece highlighting four other medical professionals and their views on ionized alkaline water.

The professed power and health benefits of ionized alkaline water can be difficult for many people to understand or believe.

But seeing and feeling is believing.

In terms of life span, ionized water is very sensitive. The most important property of ionized water is its “negative electrical charge,” also known as its antioxidant property. Once ionized water is produced, the negative electrical charge in the ionized water turns positive within 24 to 48 hours.

For someone to truly experience the maximum benefits of the ionized water, one needs to drink the water as fresh as possible.


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