Sherry & Cliff with grandchildren Alexis (12) and Tanner (3)

Sherry & Cliff with grandchildren Alexis (12) and Tanner (3)

I’m not a financial planner, banker or even good with my own finances, but I know that this simple gesture for our grandchildren will be our legacy. Like many Generations readers, I am a tutu and so fortunate to have a beautiful granddaughter and handsome grandson. I can remember each time that our two daughters announced their pregnancies to my husband Cliff and me. We were so happy that our first grandchild was to be a girl in 2011 and we were excited to be told that we would have a grandson in 2021.

The first thing that I did after being told I was going to be a tutu was to go down to my bank to open a savings account and automatically have $100 deposited for our granddaughter. Our grandson’s savings account was also opened right after Cliff was gifted a baby teether on Father’s Day.

It’s not a lot of money to leave for them, but since we’re not “real gamblers,” we know they will get 100% of our monies with a small amount of interest.

Opening a savings account is something that I could never have done when I was younger. Who had money to put aside in a savings account when you have a mortgage and three children in private school? Not Cliff and me, for sure; however, in his retirement years (I’m not retiring soon), we have made it a point to put money aside for our grandchildren.

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