When purchasing items with a credit or debit card online – or over the counter – there are precautions you need to take.

● Use a credit card rather than a debit card. Under federal law, your personal liability for fraudulent charges on a credit card can’t exceed $50. But if a fraudster uses your debit card, you could be liable for $500 or more.

● Use a prepaid gift card if you don’t have a credit card. But be extra vigilant of emails requesting payment be made in gift cards. It’s ok if you are the one initiating the purchase. ● Keep the line of credit low for all cards.

● Do not use cards that are linked to an autopay billing account or accounts that receive scheduled payments or benefits, such as your retirement pension, investment dividends and social security benefits.

● Keep records of all your online transactions, including emails and delivery notifications.

● Check your financial statements weekly for unauthorized transactions; report them to your financial institution and law enforcement.

● Do not use your mobile phone to conduct financial transactions, such as checking your financial statements. Use your home computer and check to make sure your Wi-Fi is secured.

● Use the card’s chip technology instead of swiping. The chip makes it harder for the scammer to access account information compared to the data on the card’s magnetic strip.

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