By Dan Ihara, RA, CAPS, CLHMS, Senior Real Estate Specialist, RS-65892

As we all age and watch those around us get older, concerns about the safety of our loved ones may increase. Whether it is memory loss, falls, a decrease in appetite and hygiene, or the absence of family or friends, everyone will need some kind of help sooner or later.

Some of the questions families may have are:

Should my mom be living alone since she’s fallen recently? What kind of services are available to help her in her home and how much do they cost?

For in-home care, there are home care and home healthcare options. The costs will vary based on the type and level of service needed.
Be aware that most of them will have a minimum charge per visit.

My parents are becoming more forgetful. Should they stay by themselves?

There are various options for your parents. Adult day care may be an option for companionship during the day and may accommodate even the busiest schedule. Bringing care into your home is also an option; however, its more costly than adult day care. Moving into a retirement community is also a viable option to provide a sense of community and companionship 24/7.

My uncle lives alone. Would it be safer for him to live in a retirement community? If so, what are the options?

A retirement community could be a great solution for your uncle. Retirement communities offer many services and have safety protocols in place so it is safer than living alone. There are different types of communities with various options, so it’s good to research or attend a seminar to find the one that best suits your uncle’s needs.

My neighbor has so much stuff that she could trip over! How can I get her help?

There are several declutter services that can be brought into your neighbor’s home to help remove unnecessary items. They can help sell, donate or dispose of them.

You may have other questions like those above concerning friends and family members, but rest assured that there are many resources that can provide answers and solutions to help them safely navigate this phase of life.

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