Purpose Pals is a free, virtual intergenerational program led by Christy Nishita and Colby Takeda, in collaboration with Age-Friendly Honolulu, Blue Zones Project Hawaii, and the Hawaii Afterschool Alliance. Purpose Pals matches adults 50 and over with high school through college-age students, fostering regular communication using Big & Mini’s web-based video conferencing platform. The program provides themed conversation starters to ensure pals have enriching talk story sessions as often as they like.

Most seniors have some form of mobile device. But early in the pandemic, the developers of Big & Mini realized that there was a need to connect older individuals with wonderful stories and experiences to younger generations. Soon, Big & Mini was born, shrinking the generational gap and helping to build meaningful intergenerational relationships.

Purpose Pals creates new friendships, and even enables seniors with a lifetime of experience to become career mentors for their younger pals. Older pals say their younger pals lift their spirits.

To become a pal or to bring Purpose Pals to your group, see the contact information below.

purposepals.org | info@purposepals.org