Memory boxes can help seniors, especially those with Alzheimer’s or with dementia, recall events and people from the past. The contents represent a life they once knew and now have difficulty remembering or have forgotten entirely. Memory boxes help stimulate their memory and link loved ones and moments of their lives to their identity.

How to create a memory box

Find a shoe box, bin, plastic container or anything with a lid. It should be something that is easy to access and can fit and store items of reasonable shapes and sizes. Have fun decorating the memory box with your loved one!

Keep in mind…

Focus on items that are positive memories. They should also be easy for them to handle —
avoid heavy or sharp objects.

Choosing items to go into their box

Choose items that:

• are personal (postcards, letters, trinkets, pictures, etc.),
• reflect their interests, or
• have meaning to your loved one in any way.

It might take time for them to recognize or understand these items, so you may want to label each one to help jog their memory. Making memory boxes can be a fun way to spend some time together with your loved one. They can also be made during anyone’s lifetime.

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