The ‘jewel’ of Downtown Las Vegas, Main Street Station Casino, Brewery, and Hotel is nestled just a few steps north of the Fremont Street Experience, and played a significant part in the revitalized downtown Las Vegas.

Possibly the best-kept secret in all of Las Vegas, Main Street Station is set in the splendor of the Victorian Era and home to a fabulous collection of antiques, artifacts and collectibles.

Visitors to Main Street Station are encouraged to enjoy self-guided tours of a delightful and astonishing array of antiques and artifacts from throughout the world. Here are just a few items you will find…

■ Chandeliers from the San Francisco Opera House now hang throughout the Garden Court Buffet. These majestic bronze and crystal beaded chandeliers were created in the 1850s.

■ An Italian marble figure of Goddess Fortuna is located in the Garden Court Buffet. She depicts “Lady Luck” holding a set of dice in her uplifted hands and a deck of cards in the other. Legend holds that gazing upon her brings one good fortune.

■ The bronze and crystal beaded chandelier that hangs under the southern stained glass skylights, near the valet parking entrance, is typical of the ornate beauty of the Victorian Era. The intricate crystal beading is accented with a motif representing acanthus leaves.

■ A portion of the Berlin Wall can be found at Main Street Station. This graffiti-covered segment of the oppressive wall that once separated East and West Berlin now serves an appropriate function in the Gentleman’s Restroom.

■ Three exquisite bronze chandeliers that now hang above the central casino pit were originally installed in the 1980s in the Coca-Cola building in Austin, Texas.

■ The Louisa Alcott, a Pullman parlor car, was built by the Pullman Company in 1927, and was one in a series of cars named for women authors and poets. The car has been refurbished to provide an elegant cigar-smoking lounge.

So when you are on your next “Vegas Fix,” check out Main Street … one of the gems of the Boyd Gaming Group of Hotels and Vacations Hawai‘i.