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Harry Hoo celebrates at the Pālolo Senior Club.


Harry Hoo (he says, pronounced “who”) has a very strong lineage of family members living long and healthy lives. His mother passed away at 98, but his brother still lives in Hong Kong at 101. In celebration of Harry’s 100th birthday, the Pa¯lolo Senior Club had a party at its Tuesday meeting, with Chinese food and birthday cake, courtesy of his family.

Harry tells me that his grandparents came to Hawai‘i to work on the plantations. His father was born in Hawai‘i, but went to China to find a wife and start a family. Harry was born March 6, 1916, and after high school, he came to Hawai‘i and attended night school. Although he doesn’t remember when he started his many jobs, Harry told me he worked for the Army. After that, he joined the Navy at Pearl Harbor. Because he had a driver’s license, he was able to work in transportation department. After he married and had two children, he worked other jobs and retired in 1981 as a parking supervisor at The Queen’s Medical Center.

As Harry tells me about his two children and two grandchildren, his memory astounds me. He remembers where they graduated from college, all the positions they have held and what they are doing today. He is very proud of his family and also appreciates the care he receives from his son-in-law.