As the years roll by, it is not always easy to keep perspective on the people who mean the most to us. Sometimes we forget to show the appreciation they are due.

But it is important to remember to express our love and honor our senior citizens while they are still here.

For example, one Sunday, a celebration honoring 98-yearold auntie Jane Chang drew an adoring crowd. Her favorite color is pink, so we all wore it. Her favorite foods are nishime, mochi and undagi, so that’s what we ate (among other things). Her favorite songs were sung and we shared testimonies about how she has touched our lives. We presented gifts to her — she was treated like a queen. Auntie Jane was touched, as well as her family and friends who joined in the special celebration.

Auntie Jane Chang, above, seated with her family and friends at Sunday worship at the Ma¯noa District Park.

It is good to honor seniors on their special day, and treat them with tender loving care — and don’t forget to be kind to yourself!

If you asked a senior citizen how he or she feels about themselves, how would they respond?

A typical senior, myself included, since I’m 63, would probably say, “Oh, I’m just an old fossil!” During a recent Sunday message, I took this to the test by giving each senior in our fellowship a small mirror. I asked each one to look at themselves for one minute. Then I asked, “What did you see?” They answered, wrinkles, white hair, sags, bags, receding hairlines. We all noticed our aging — even the younger ones. Then I asked, “Is that how Papa God sees you?” I went on to explain that God sees us as a unique, precious, beautiful and amazing gift! He sees us as His masterpieces!

As seniors, we often see our diminishing strength; our frailty. God wants us to see our beauty. So the next time you look into the mirror, don’t focus on your wrinkles, sags and bags.

Declare your truth. “I am beautiful. I am amazing. I am God’s masterpiece.” That’s the truth! Believe it and live it!


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