By James Carter, L.Ac

An estimated 30 million people in America have type 2 diabetes and that number is
increasing each year. Although type 2 diabetes affects many different systems and functions of the body, the most commonly known effect is its disruption of the body’s ability to regulate blood glucose levels either by a lack of production of insulin or the body’s resistance to insulin. Common causes of type 2 diabetes are poor nutrition, excess weight, lack of exercise, genetics and even certain medications. Current conventional treatments involve taking insulin and lifestyle changes. However, the consistent increase in the number of people diagnosed each year leads many to conclude that these treatments alone may not be enough. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine offer unique and integrative approaches to improving the health of those dealing with diabetes through modalities unheard of by most in the West. In a Chinese medicine approach, different treatment principles are aimed at restoring the body’s own functional physiology. Modalities are combined to help restore balance — acupuncture therapy, medicinal nutrition, auricular acupressure, herb teas, cupping therapy — as well as lifestyle changes.

These Chinese therapies, carefully combined with conventional medicine under the guidance of both practitioners, can facilitate diabetes management and create sustainable shifts in the root causes of the imbalance.

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