This column spotlights aging issues and asks random seniors their opinions. For this issue, we decided to ask about transportation and recreation: which would they use and if they’re still going to a recreational park. If you wish to comment on these questions, please visit this article on and post a comment.

Generations Magazine - August-September 2016 - Bus-Or-Rail_image1Alicia Nagasawa, 67

Bus or Rail?: “At this age, I’d choose the bus,” said Alicia. “I live on University Avenue. I would choose the bus; the bus stop is across from 
my house. It’s convenient. I don’t think I’d use the rail — maybe just to sightsee, you know, the countryside.”

How about using the recreational parks: “No, we used to a long time ago, every weekend. Now, police chase you out at a certain time,” said 
Alicia. “If I had grandchildren, I’d be at the parks more often. I wouldn’t go there at night though. It’s dangerous now.”

Generations Magazine - August-September 2016 - Bus-Or-Rail_image2Melvin “Mel” Kellett, 71

Bus or Rail?: “With the rail, I would have to go down to the station. I’d have to use the bus anyway to get there.”

How about using the recreational parks: Mel shared that his family holds picnics at Ala Moana Beach Park often and that he “used to run around the park and used the exercise station… Now I hardly go because I’m 71 years old,” said Mel. “My wife and grandchildren still go.”