It’s 7:30 a.m. and volunteers are already preparing for a day of fun classes, club activities and good conversation. The Lanakila Multi- Purpose Senior Center (LMPSC) is the place to be for active seniors.

LMPSC is filled with great energy, caring people, and active seniors, volunteers and staff.

It is amazing to learn about and be with so many accomplished people, 60 years and older, who still contribute so much to the quality of life on our island home.

Each day, there is wonderful history to learn, inspirational life stories to discover, hardships worth sharing that teach valuable life lessons, and people who truly care about Hawai‘i and continue to contribute to the character, charm, strength and diversity of our state.

Center members come from an array of careers fields: teachers, principals, business owners, engineers, architects, fashion designers, administrators for public and private organizations, nurses and others in the health field, visitor industry managers and employees, military personnel, law enforcement officers, attorneys, construction workers, legislators, artists, insurance and financial service providers, homemakers, mothers, fathers, grandpas and grandmas, and just good people.

Lanakila’s 1,500 members focus on keeping healthy and mentally alert through tai chi, Sahm Bo Dahn, yoga, Zumba, hula, taisho koto, singing, enka, mah jong, line dancing, karate, tap dancing, cultural dances, sewing, quilt making, arts and crafts, ‘ukulele, walking, gardening, community excursions, public performances, and by being with friends and talking story.

Center members are independent. They enjoy team and group activities, too. They plan and coordinate events and activities that promote lifelong learning, and bring joy to others through community service, music, song and dance. They look out for one another.

The Lanakila Senior Center is comfortable, friendly and caring.

I love being part of this special place.


1640 Lanakila Ave., Honolulu HI 96817
808-847-1322 |