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Volunteers, friends, family and Troop 616 all worked hard to complete this project.


An Eagle Scout project is the culmination of the Boy Scouting program that gives a scout an opportunity to demonstrate leadership, utilize communication skills and help their community. For me, as a scout and as a Native Hawaiian, Lunalilo Home represents not only a staple for the longevity of Hawai‘i’s elderly, but a historic institution that is deeply rooted in the care and support of the Native Hawaiian community. It is for these reasons and more that I chose Lunalilo Home as the beneficiary of my Eagle Scout project. The project consisted mainly of creating a 15-by-16-foot cement patio for use by the senior day care operation at Lunalilo Home. The staff, especially Jill Martinez, director of day care activities, was extremely helpful in outlining what would best serve the senior patients. I also found immense support from local companies and institutions that happily donated materials, funds and volunteer manpower to my project. Overall, I think this Eagle Scout project has demonstrated the amazing generosity and cooperation that exists in our local community. This support can only be described as the aloha spirit.


To find out more about Lunalilo Home in Hawai‘i Kai, visit For scouting in Hawai‘i, visit and/or


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