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“I know the arthritis isn’t going away, but I refuse to let it slow me down.” — Lois

I met Lois Kelsey in 2004 when speaking at a Mary Kay consultants’ meeting.

Lois told me her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. “I’m concerned that I won’t be able to care for him if I don’t get help with some strength and flexibility,” she said. Lois was active most of her life, raising four children as well as three boxer dogs that she trained and entered in shows. Even though she did all her own yardwork (mowing her large property and trimming trees), she needed to balance and strengthen all her muscles. Muscle imbalance and tightness is the cause of a lot of aches and pains!

Lois worked out with me in 2008 until her husband’s Alzheimer’s got severe. Her husband passed away in 2009 and she came back to see me in 2011. Now challenged with balance issues and arthritis in her spine, hips and hands, she wanted to get back to a regular training regimen. “I did my research and I know not moving would be the worst thing for me with arthritis,” said Lois.

We started doing specific exercises to address problem areas (see photos). We also improved her diet with more greens and less sugar intake to lower the amount of inflammation in her body. Arthritis feeds off sugar!

Lois turns 87 in July and continues to function independently without drugs. Lois is an inspiring example of not giving in to old age, no matter how big the challenge. She is staying independent through proper diet and exercise. Go Lois!

The Importance of Spine, Posture & Balance


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1) Arrow: This exercise opens the chest for better posture and also lengthens and strengthens the spine to minimize spinal compression.

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2) Forward Lunge: This one strengthens and stretches the front of the hip, which is very important if you sit a lot. It also strengthens the “glutes,” (buttocks muscles), which are major stabilizers for balance.

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3) The Superman: This helps stabilize the spine to improve strength, function and range-of-motion, which leads to less pain. Both the Superman and the Arrow may be done on the floor — adding the ball can help improve balance.


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