One Sunday morning, a few years back, I was out driving on the North Shore, headed to Starbucks for my morning cup of coffee. The traffic wasn’t light, as it was surf season, which means it was pretty crowded with only one lane going in each direction. I noticed in my rearview mirror that there was a car weaving in and out of traffic, passing other cars and speeding. As the driver passed me, I remembered getting angry at this impatient and disrespectful driver. I continued to observe the driver as they sped ahead, weaving in and out of traffic, until the car finally disappeared. I couldn’t imagine anyone more selfish and crazy, making it so dangerous for everyone else just because of their impatience…until I got to Foodland where Starbucks was. You see, across the street was a fire station. And there was the crazy driver — at the fire station. Their passenger was seated, surrounded by firemen who were taking the passenger’s blood pressure. As I entered Starbucks, I could hear an ambulance driving away from the fire station.

This new year, you might be considering making or updating your estate plan. When you do, please do not rely solely on the legal plan to pass your intentions on. Where appropriate, please take the time to discuss your intentions with your family, and write them down. You are the custodian of your wishes, intentions, and memories. We cannot afford misunderstanding, or to completely lose them when you are not able to express or explain yourself. The estate plan, in a way, is your story and belongs only to you. Please do your best to clearly share your story.

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