The holiday season is a time of joy, but for many, it’s a challenging time as well. When the body holds too much tension and emotional energy, it can affect the immune system, making a person more prone to illness, as well as depression. And while we all want to enjoy this time, if we’re not proactive in taking care of ourselves, we may not feel like celebrating. So here is a word to practice to make this winter more wonderful: SEED, an acronym for stress, exercise, emotions and diet.

Stress: More than 80 percent of chronic diseases are caused by stress. Learn to manage and reduce stress through proper breathing and meditation.

Exercise: Deliberately move your body for one minute every hour at least 10 times a day to help make your body stronger and your brain smarter.

Emotions: Positive emotions are the most powerful vitamins for your mental health. Spend time each day to appreciate yourself, your life and your loved ones. Smiling goes a long way, too.

Diet: If overeating or making bad choices is challenging for you, stock your fridge with fruits and vegetables, and eat them before you indulge in holiday party food. You’ll eat less and your body will thank you.

Plant this SEED now and ring in the New Year in better health. Happy holidays!

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