I have had the great fortune to be able to go on a cruise this summer with my family and visited many different places in Europe.

We barely heard any English spoken on this trip and while the languages are varied, I’ve noticed more commonalities than differences among the people we’ve had the privilege of meeting during our travels.

These commonalities include (1) the love of family as I hear universal laughter coming from parents and children, (2) enjoying freedom other countries may not yet enjoy, including the freedom of speech, to vote, to drive and (3) a desire to tell one’s story.

Fittingly, the person’s name assigned to help us during our cruise in the Mediterranean is Story. We visited museums in Paris, the incredible ruins in Pompeii, and the young democracy in Tunisia. In each place, I noticed that the people have a desire to tell one’s story, through pictures, writing,\ and oral history.

Estate planning, to me, is much more than leaving cash to someone. Cash is so quickly gone. It is one’s legacy that continues on.

I believe that this legacy, your story, is just as important as the legal estate plan leaving assets by way of will or trust and have created what I’ve coined “My Heartfelt Will.” Please consider taking the time and giving yourself permission to write your story.

I encourage you to consider writing your legacy down, the memories and experiences that continue to shape your lives. Are you considering making your estate plan this summer?


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