The Department of Parks and Recreation Adult / Seniors Program strives to improve the quality of life for seniors 55 years and older in the community. Many of the city’s parks offer a range of activities for recreation, wellness and leisure time with friends and family. Class fees vary from site to site.

The department also has 38 social clubs on O‘ahu. Clubs members plan out their own activities, which may include community service projects, excursions, guest speakers, crafts, games, luncheons, etc.

To join the fun, locate a class or club near you. Please call: Makua Ali‘i Senior Center, 973-7258; or Randy Yasuhara, 768-3045.

LIVING-LIFE-Its-Play-Time_image2Adult Water Aerobics

The Adult Water Aerobics class at Waipahu District Park Swimming Pool will keep you active and fit. To participate in this class, please call Waipahu Swimming Pool Manager Sunny Leutu at 671-7911.

Senior Golf Program

Prepare to have a great day golfing in the Parks and Recreation’s Senior Golf Program with Jane Nakanishi and Michiko Hori. The club plays every other month at various municipal golf courses. For a great game of golf, please call Randy Yasuhara at 768-3045.

LIVING-LIFE-Its-Play-Time_image1Senior Softball

Improve your pitch with the help of umpire Bill Andrade, catcher Les Lunasco and batter Gerald Ching. The Parks and Recreation’s senior softball league plays Wednesday mornings at Patsy T. Mink Central O‘ahu Regional Park (CORP) softball fields. For league info, please call the Makua Ali‘i Senior Center at 973-7258.

Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold instructor Lynn Ramirez leads Sharon Akiyama, Mildred Tomita and Becky Nakasone through a fun and vigorous workout in Waipahu District Park’s Zumba Gold class. For more class information, please call Waipahu District Park Program Director Jo-Ann Yatogo at 675-7129.