The end of this year was highlighted with an island hop to Maui, where Generations Magazine discovered why some of the happiest seniors in Hawai‘i call the Valley Isle home. The cover story, Maui Mindset, explores how Maui County is committed to its seniors and their families … and how seniors are eager to give back.

Part of the “Maui Mindset” is the county’s philosophy of taking care of each other, says Ruth Griffith, Kaunoa Senior Services administrator. In the story she noted, “Maui County is made up small communities and residents are very civic minded. We look out for one another. Even our seniors who receive support services want to give back to the community in any way they can. Maui seniors play a vital role in maintaining our thriving communities.”

However, just as with many other areas, Maui is facing a growing senior population. By 2020, the county expects the number of people turning 60 to double. In response, Maui is working with its Baby Boomers to redefine what it will mean to be a healthy and engaged senior over the next two decades.

Thank you to our Generations Magazine staff for venturing to Maui for a whirlwind tour of Maui — including a 3 a.m. wake up call to catch sunrise at Haleakala.

Generations Magazine is now in its fourth year and we are so excited to move further into our communities and bring you more engaging stories, trusted resources and valuable programs and services.

For 2014, we look forward to expanding our distribution points and posting more information on our website ( We’re also planning on more workshops, presentations and our 8th annual KHON2 Elderhood Project Aging in Place Workshop on Saturday August 23 at the Ala Moana Hotel. And going forward, we’re offering free digital copies of each magazine … just email a request at

Starting with this issue, we welcomed our new full-time associate editor Aimee Harris. She will be handling all of the magazine’s editorial content, so if you have stories or programs that would be of interest to our seniors, feel free to contact her at

Live well,

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Percy Ihara, Editor/Publisher

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P.S. A special mahalo to Dana Acosta of Kaunoa Senior Services for coordinating a full day of interviews and events for Generations Magazine.

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Generations enjoys breakfast at Kula Lodge, Maui, aftera stunning Haleakala¯ sunrise (left to right): Aimee, Percy, Peterson and Wilson.

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Aimee and Percy, bundled up for Haleakala sunrise