Our daily lives are filled with so many distractions that it’s easy to feel scattered and stressed. When you are chronically stressed it becomes harder to function properly, increasing your stress even more and often inviting disease. To help manage their stress, many people have turned to yoga and mind-body training because its healthy effects on body and mind are now widely recognized.

To manage your body’s energy, you have to know how to feel it. Learning how to feel and focus on your energy, known as ki, chi, qi, or prana in Asia, will enable you to clear your mind and calm your emotions. It will help you concentrate more deeply by quieting all of the thoughts in your head that distract you.

One option for learning how to do this is the integrated mind-body training method, which combines deep stretching exercises, meditative breathing techniques, joint rotation, held postures, body tapping, vibration exercises and energy awareness training. Its objective is to help practitioners achieve their highest level of personal potential.

They learn to use their ki for the purpose of personal self-development, and how to communicate with their bodies through energy. The body’s energy circulation is stimulated, activating its innate natural healing power. Through consistent practice, practitioners can lead themselves back to optimum health. Essentially, they regain true mastership over their bodies through the medium of energy.

Three characteristics of mind-body training

The mastery and use of energy: As one’s sense of energy gradually develops, formerly blocked energy channels open up, promoting circulation of energy throughout the body. Once able to control and command energy, practitioners experience natural healing in their bodies while gaining control of emotions and habits.

Enhancing the body-brain connection:
The brain is not simply an organ but is the center of the whole human body and its energy system. Through programs like Body & Brain, practitioners can learn to utilize their brain fully toward the creation of a better life for themselves and those around them.

Self-managed, holistic health care: By learning techniques for improving emotional patterns, physical condition, quality of social interaction, communication skills, and correcting unhealthy habits, practitioners can become masters of their own lives.

If you want to live a better life and gain flexibility and balance of body and mind, you should look into the various programs and benefits of yoga, especially mind-body training. It is easy and simple enough for anyone to learn — male or female, young or old — yet can be enjoyed by even the most advanced practitioner.


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