Have you ever noticed a big gold seal on your hospital’s walls? It’s hard to miss. The emblem — The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval — stands out as a commitment to deliver safe, high-quality patient care under the most rigorous standards of performance. The Joint Commission is the largest and oldest standard-setting and accrediting body in health care, accrediting more than 20,500 organizations worldwide, including hospitals and home health care agencies. “People want to know The Joint Commission awards accreditation to home health care agencies, holding to the same processes as hospitals. But there’s more to it,” says Honolulu physician Dr. Stephen Lin, M.D.

“Through The Joint Commission accreditation process, health experts look for an organization to deliver continuous improvement on patient safety, high-quality care, treatment and services. There are literally thousands of ways to say you did these things, but you need to prove it. The process can be stressful and you need to always be prepared to showcase your procedures and outcomes,” says Lin.

It’s good news when a provider is awarded The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval. The distinction means that the organization submitted to the accreditation process and meets nationally recognized standards of excellence. Achieving the gold standard strengthens community confidence in the quality and safety of health care, holds caregivers participating within those systems accountable and shows that the provider is willing to deliver care at a higher standard. For our Kupuna, that’s worth its weight in gold.

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