Move to Reduce Falls, Improve Mood

The thought of exercise may feel overwhelming to some. But exercise can be about making small changes in your physical activity. Think of exercise as moving. Being more active can help you get stronger mentally and physically, improve your balance, boost your energy and lower your risk of several health issues. The key is to be consistent and make it part of your lifestyle.

Seven benefits of regular exercise:

• Helps control stress, depression and anxiety
• Aids in managing blood pressure and cholesterol
• Lowers your risk for heart attack and stroke
• Strengthens your lungs
• Can help you reach a healthy weight, which aids bladder control
• Lowers your blood sugar
• Helps your balance and bone strength

Some exercises to prevent falls:

• Improve your balance with leg bends. Start by standing. Hold on to a sturdy chair or wall. Bend one knee so your foot comes up behind you and is level with your knee. Lower your foot to the floor. Repeat with the other leg.
• Improve your core strength. Start by sitting in a sturdy chair against a wall. Stand up without using your hands. If this is too hard, sit on a pillow on the chair until you get stronger. Repeat 10-15 times, if possible.

Be safe. Know your limits.

Talk to your doctor about your exercise activities and before starting a new fitness program. Learn what is safe and what to avoid.

• If you are new to exercise or changing your routine, don’t overdo it. Do a little at first, and then slowly do more. For example, using the stairs can be a small and literal first step.
• If you have health problems, it can be hard to be active. Talk to your doctor for suggestions on fitness. There may be some physical limits on what you can do. Be aware of your body’s limits so you don’t get injured.
• Stop and talk to your doctor if you’re feeling anything beyond mild muscle pain or soreness.

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