Grief & Bereavement — Part VIII

In Sherry Turkle’s book, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk In A Digital Age, she writes about the process of the virtuous circle of communication by discussing the poet, Henry David Thoreau’s moving to Waldon Pond to live more deliberately. Thoreau furnished his cabin with three chairs. One chair to represent solitude, where he could self-reflect on matters most important for him. Two chairs to engage in conversation where he could express his thoughts to another.

Estate Planning 101

Estate Planning 101

The first step in the estate planning process is learning. What do you need to learn? I suggest this as your starting point: You need to discover how to stay in control of your stuff while you are able to be in control, as well as how to be sure that that your wishes will be carried out when incapacity or the grim reaper catch up with you. Sorry to rub it in, but at least one of those things is going to happen to you. Odds are that both of them will.

Deciding Your Level of Care & Intentions

Have you heard of POLST? It stands for Provider Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment. The document is printed on bright green paper so that it is easily seen, and often is found on the refrigerator, near a medicine cabinet or on a bedside table. The form can be quickly understood by all healthcare professionals, including first responders and ambulance personnel.

Ho’opono Offers Clear Vision, Bright Future

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) under the State of Hawai‘i Department of Human Services provides services to Hawai‘i community members who experience barriers to employment due to a physical or cognitive disability. Vocational rehabilitation services are designed to assist job seekers with disabilities as they prepare, secure and retain competitive employment in an integrated work setting.

Can a Smile Show Signs of Osteoporosis?

As we age, our bodies can start to lose bone due to lifestyle choices, genetics and preexisting conditions. Your teeth are rooted within some of the most important bones used every day — the alveolar bones of your jaw. If there are signs of bone density loss through symptoms such as tooth loss, gum disease, bone loss in the jaw or loose dentures, your dentist may suggest you see your doctor.

Move to Reduce Falls, Improve Mood

The thought of exercise may feel overwhelming to some. But exercise can be about making small changes in your physical activity. Think of exercise as moving. Being more active can help you get stronger mentally and physically, improve your balance, boost your energy and lower your risk of several health issues. The key is to be consistent and make it part of your lifestyle.

A Time to Honor And to Inspire

The seventh annual HPGS Fundraiser will honor an individual who has, for much of his adult life, done a lot for Hawai’i’s kūpuna. This annual celebration will raise funds for student scholarships in 2024. The Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society (HPGS) raises funds and awards undergraduate and graduate scholarships to college students interested in careers related to aging, long-term care or death and dying.

September – October 2023

The September-October 2023 issue of GENERATIONS MAGAZINE features a cover story about how long-term friendships can really make a difference in your life – and the lives of others. Youʻll learn how seeing your dentist might show signs of osteoporosis. Scott Makuakane gives some sage advice on making estate decisions. And Generations Magazine’s Wilson Angel reflects on the late Brian Suda, GMʻs photographer extraordinaire.

November – December 2023

The November-December 2023 issue of GENERATIONS MAGAZINE features a cover story about two of the most well-known and most-loved coaches in Hawaii sports history – Dave Shoji and Vince Goo. Find out what they’re up to today! You’ll also get some important Medicare information – especially important during this open enrollment period. We’ll show you some self-care holiday gifts and tell you about Project Dana – who they are, how they got started and how they help our kūpuna.