Webster says that “Volunteerism” is the act or practice of doing volunteer work in community service. Here in Hawai‘i, many seniors volunteer their services to our community every day — in a multitude of capacities.

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Nancy Shimamoto and Sherry Goya

One such volunteer is Nancy Shimamoto, who spends every Tuesday from 8 am to noon on the “front-line” at Kuakini Medical Center information desk, answering the phone, greeting visitors, and offering directions. She is an “Ambassador” for Kuakini volunteer services.

At 64, Nancy retired as principal of Aina Haina Elementary, after 38 years in education. In her 12 years with Kuakini, Nancy was Auxilliary Council President from 2008 to 2013. Today, she is on the Board of the Kuakini Health System and serves as Chairperson of the Kuakini Foundation.

Volunteering is a long tradition at Kuakini. Every volunteer is greatly appreciated — from assisting in admissions, adult day care, gift shop sales, mail delivery, medical records, imaging services, to working in the snack shop. Nancy also escorts tours, attends workshops, and participated in the First Hawaiian Bank’s PrimeTime Wellness Fair on March 5th. It was a great event. Call 808-547-9184 if you want to volunteer at Kuakini. Mahalo to Nancy and all volunteers!

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