Exercise: A Panacea for Heart Disease

Exercise is the closest thing to a complete remedy — a panacea — for heart disease. The heart fuels the entire body. If the heart gets too weak, it cannot sufficiently provide nutrients to organs and the body slowly deteriorates. Unfortunately, this is quite common for people in hospice care. Thankfully, prevention is readily available.

Note that effective exercise may be tiring and straining.* The harsh reality is that the body — especially the heart — will not get stronger if not pushed past its comfort zone. Use it or lose it is one of the most universal laws of the body. Therefore, finding at least one enjoyable aspect is key. If the pros outweigh the cons, continued performance is more likely.

• Prevention of slowly starving the body and the variety of ailments/diseases that come with it is essential.
• Make it enjoyable! Play with the grandkids, make it social or involve one of your passions.
• Even the frail and elderly body is highly adaptable. It will respond to hard work and reach a point where strenuous exercise becomes the norm. It can and will become “a piece of cake” with no strain.

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* Please do not overdo any exercise. Exercise should be increased gradually, in moderation and not cause discomfort.


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