On the KHON2 Elderhood Project, we meet many seniors and the ones who impress me most are those who stay active. Recently, our cameras went to a softball tournament where we watched seniors as they laughed and joked with each other. But when the gloves were put on and the ball was pitched, they were no longer seniors. Rather, they became competitive, energetic athletes having fun on the field. They were turned young again … a feeling that they take with themselves off the field and into their everyday lives.

If you go to the Ala Wai Clubhouse and watch the seniors ballroom dancing, you can see that gleam in the eye, the high heel lifting delicately, the smile on the face. Although dancing is great exercise, you can just tell that there’s more to it.

Experts will tell you that exercise is important as we age. I agree. But to me, it’s about more than just the exercise. It’s that chemical reaction in the brain that surges and tells you, “I can do this!”

The publisher of this magazine Percy Ihara and I play golf from time to time. We walk, we talk, we swing the club — not wisely, but with spirit. When we’re through, we laugh and talk about the round. That may be the most important part of our game. If you have the chance to join others in your activities — than do it. It is an important part in keeping us young.

Why is it important to stay active? To explain why, here’s a funny for you…

A woman comes home from shopping and says to her husband who’s watching television, “Let’s run upstairs and make love!”

He replies, “You have to choose.”

Stay active, and you won’t have to pick between activities.

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