A simple way to protect your online identity is to use strong passwords. Use any or combine all five of these steps to create strong passwords.

  • Step 1 Select a non-English word at least eight characters long — for example, the Hawaiian word kapakahi, meaning “crooked.”
  • Step 2 Convert one letter to a number. In “kapakahi,” the letter “a” becomes “8.” The result: k8p8k8hi.
  • Step 3 Convert one letter to uppercase. The result: k8p8K8hi.
  • Step 4 Convert one character to a symbol, such as @ or #. The result: k8p8#K8hi.
  • Step 5 Add capital letters that are associated with the password’s account. For example, for a Bank of Hawaii account, use BOHk8p8#K8hi.

Other tips to keep in mind:

✦ Use different passwords for different accounts.

✦ Write down your password in a secure place.

✦ Do not keep passwords in your wallet or bag.

✦ Do not post passwords to your computer screen.

✦ Do not store passwords on any technical device.

✦ Change passwords once every three months.

Immediately change your passwords when alerted of a security breach. Cybercrime is a very real threat in our Internet-connected society — so take precautions.

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