With so many options available, its hard to know if you chose the right home care provider for your loved one. Here are four essential questions to ask when you’re evaluating your home care partner.

1. Is the care plan being followed?

A care plan is specific to your loved one and any deviations could mean they’re not getting the care they require. Changes should be discussed and approved ahead of time.

2. How reliable are they?

Are caregivers on time? Do they consistently provide a high level of care? Reliability and trust are the foundation for a strong partnership; instability can cause unwarranted stress.

3. How well do they communicate?

A good home care provider communicates with everyone involved in the process. Family members, care managers, caregivers and your loved one should all have an active voice.

4. Do they check up on employees?

It’s important for your care provider to be hands-on in managing their employees.

By ensuring that you’ve partnered with the right care provider, you’ll give yourself and your loved one the peace of mind needed to make home care successful for your family.

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