by AARP Hawaii

Caregiving is stressful and becomes more difficult when a loved one is hospitalized. A new law takes effect on July 1 that will make it a bit easier for caregivers when some-one is admitted or discharged from the hospital.

The Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act gives family caregivers three basic rights that will help with admission, discharge and care of a loved one as they transition back home.

Under the new law, acute care hospitals must:

  • Provide patients with the opportunity to designate a family caregiver on their medical record.
  • Notify the family caregiver prior to the patient’s discharge or transfer to another facility.
  • Offer the family caregiver instructions on the medical tasks needed to be performed at home after a hospital discharge.

The CARE Act ensures that the right person is notified about a loved one’s care, that they will receive the training needed and that questions will be answered about how to change a bandage, administer medicines and perform other procedures needed after discharge.

AARP Hawaii fought for the CARE Act; members of the nonprofit know how vital family care-givers are to their loved one’s recovery and how confusing post-hospital care can be.

AARP Hawaii offers a convenient wallet card with quick access to the information you need to know about the CARE Act the next time you or a loved one is hospitalized.

To get your free wallet card, call: 1-877-333-5885 Or search online using “AARP CARE Act Card”