As we age, exercise becomes more and more important — not only for our bodies, but for our minds as well. But fitness doesn’t always have to happen from inside the local gym. You can get on a path to a fit and healthy lifestyle by incorporating cycling into your daily routine. Instead of driving the short distance to the store or park, try biking there instead! This can sometimes be quicker and more convenient for you — and certainly better for your body, your wallet, and the planet.

It’s important to start small, but for most people getting back on the bicycle is really just like riding a bike — you never forget! Bicycling reminds us of the freedom of our childhood, where we could expand and explore our world all from two wheels. Bicycles can be used for the same thing in our older years! Look for a bicycle with a step-through frame and upright seating position for comfort and stability. And don’t forget your helmet! Start on multi-use bike paths, which are physically separated from motorized traffic, or quiet residential roads. Consider joining up with a group of friends to ride or meet new friends at an organized group ride in your area!

If you haven’t been on the saddle for years (or decades), or never learned how to ride a bicycle, the Hawaii Bicycling League (HBL) offers free Adult Learn to Ride workshops that can get you rolling safely, at any age (bikes, helmets, and friendly instructors all are provided)!

HBL is a local non-profit founded in 1975, with the mission to enable more people to ride bicycles for health, recreation, and transportation, through advocacy, education, and events.

If a two-wheeled ride isn’t your cup of tea, check out HBL’s Senior Cycling Program! Kupuna 50 years of age (and up) get to rediscover their youth with HBL’s recumbent tricycles on Oahu’s car-free bike paths. The adult three-wheelers are great for those that have poor balance or bad joints, or those that don’t know how to bike. Senior Rides are scheduled five times a month at the Pearl Harbor Bike Path and Magic Island multi-use paths and are for all levels of riders. Recumbent trikes, along with all the bells and whistles, are provided free of charge through this fun program designed to get you outdoors and healthy!

However you decide to get your roll on, the Hawaii Bicycling League has you covered. Whether you are an adult looking to learn how to ride a bike for the first time or are someone ready to regain comfort and confidence with cycling on the roads of Hawai‘i, HBL will get you there.

3442 Waialae Ave., Suite 1, Honolulu HI 96816